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Beyonce Hair Extensions brand was birthed in 2002. Melissa Pireni-Ndebele created the brand with a single vision, to be the best there is in all types of hair additions. Our speciality has gone from the cosmetic hair extensions to specialities in hair loss and trilcology. You name it, we have every hair extension technique for your hair type.

All we want to do is to create beautiful hair, one head at a time, even for those who have very little, we do it cleanly, ethically and responsibly.

We get a lot of interesting people through our doors. We treat all VIP's like ordinary people and all ordinary people like VIP's. For many, we are their best kept secret. No-one seems to do things in quite the same way we do, which is why clients visit us from all over New Zealand and Australia. We always thrive to meet your needs and exceed expectations.

So whether you are looking for a superstar hair style, or maybe you don't have much hair at all, we do take care of that as well. Call us for a free consultation or browse through our shop. I hope you can find something that interest you or we are just a phone call away to answer your questions.