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Bridal Extensions

Want amazing hair for your BIG day?

Bridal Extensions

We all agree that a wedding day would not be complete without having the hair of your dreams and many brides find that they haven’t got the thickness and often the length they want to complete their look for the big day. Do not despair. Whether your hair is too short, too thin, or no hair at all, we have options for every bride, from weaving hair extensions, fusion, clip in extensions, hair buns, hair scrunches, ponytails and feather extensions.

You will no longer be held back by the limitations of your existing hair style, instead you can have your dream hair, whatever that may be, Bring in a picture of how you would like your hair to look on your wedding day and we can re-create this for you with professionally applied hair extensions or clip in extensions. Having extensions to enhance your thickness will mean that your hair will look how you have always wanted it to and not only that, it will hold the style you choose for much longer. Come in for a free bridal consultation and be part of the Hair club trend, you will be amazed with our latest hair enhancements.

Wedding Service
  • We will appoint you your own personal liaison so that you can speak to the same person each time you call. Your personal liaison will work with you to co-ordinate your appointments and answer any queries you have.
  • We can offer styling lessons to a nominated hairdresser of your choice to make sure that they can dress your hair perfectly for the big day.


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  • From NZD$ 128 to NZD$ 337
  • From NZD$ 337 to NZD$ 547
  • From NZD$ 547 to NZD$ 756
  • From NZD$ 756 to NZD$ 966
Ash Blonde #10
NZD$ 68.00